This Cycle is a song which i recorded together with Amsterdam homie Omar Soulay. In this song we wanted to speak out against world leaders who in public speak out for peace, but in secret keep wars going on because there are too many interests involved. This needs to change.

The artwork for the single was made by Job de la Porte, the final mix was done by Shai Solan and the mastering was done by Statinski Mastering.

This Cycle was released by INI Movement in July 2017.


In collaboration with INI Movement, PRY presents his new single.

This Cycle is a collaboration between PRY and vocalist Omar Soulay. The piece presents a dark haunting beat, complimented by Omar’s unpolished soul voice. The song cries out for a transition and illustrates the recurring popularity of the warmonger mindset. It also signifies that industries are certainly ready to facilitate this course of thought.

This Cycle is INI Movement‘s 26th release, now available through: Spotify, Bandcamp & Deezer.