After making beats for years as PRY (with Illicit, Pax & Pry, The Strangest Freaks and many others) it is now time for new musical adventures.
To close down this period my homie Prace made a nice mixtape with the best of 10 years PRY. The mixtape is downloadable for free via Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


This Cycle is a song which i recorded together with Amsterdam homie Omar Soulay. In this song we wanted to speak out against world leaders who in public speak out for peace, but in secret keep wars going on because there are too many interests involved. This needs to change.

The artwork for the single was made by Job de la Porte, the final mix was done by Shai Solan and the mastering was done by Statinski Mastering.

This Cycle was released by INI Movement in July 2017.


In collaboration with INI Movement, PRY presents his new single.

This Cycle is a collaboration between PRY and vocalist Omar Soulay. The piece presents a dark haunting beat, complimented by Omar’s unpolished soul voice. The song cries out for a transition and illustrates the recurring popularity of the warmonger mindset. It also signifies that industries are certainly ready to facilitate this course of thought.

This Cycle is INI Movement‘s 26th release, now available through: Spotify, Bandcamp & Deezer.


Since 10 years Binkbeats (Frank Wienk) and me have been making beats together as The Strangest Freaks. Up till now we only officially released Dit Nooit Meer, a song which we made together with Typhoon (vocals) for the Knalland project Volhard in 2014.

Over these 10 years we have been gradually working on our first full album Thrills Galore, which consists of vocal tracks as well as instrumentals.

Guest MC’s on Thrills Galore are Dudley Perkins, Buggs Tha Rocka, Bless X Shahmen, Jay Colin, Reazun, Joe Kickass, Bfake, Moxy Lebowski, Unknown Eye & Sheikh Tijan.

The artwork for this project was made by Marleen Wienk, the final mix was done by Robin Rump and the mastering was done by Statinski Mastering.

Thrills Galore was released in September 2016.


Today we released The Strangest Freaks debut album Thrills Galore. This album has been in the making for a while, and we are very happy that finally we can share this music with the rest of the world.

Thanks to everybody who made this album possible: Dudley Perkins, Buggs Tha Rocka, Moxy Lebowski, Bless X Shahmen, Jay Colin, Reazun, Joe Kickass, Bfake, Unknown Eye & Sheikh Tijan.

Special thanks to Robin Rump for mixing, Ivo Statinski for mastering and Marleen Wienk for the beautiful artwork! You can listen Thrills Galore here:


Frank Wienk aka Bink(beats) and me have know each other for about 10 years now. We’ve been making beats together since that time as The Strangest Freaks. Over the years the collection of beats and songs grew bigger, as well as the instrumentation..

Check Out The Sound is the first single from our forthcoming debut album Thrills Galore. Featured MC is Dudley Perkins, of whom we both are a big fan.


It took some time to finish, but today I’m very proud to present the PRY album Future, Past, Present, Infinity. I would like to thank everybody who made this album possible:

MC’s: Atactic, Reazun, Incksalonius, Cymarshall Law, Skit Slam, Jay Colin, Moxy Lebowski, Buggs Tha Rocka, Donte, CP, Asylum 7, Dicap & PAX.
Guest Musicians: Frank Wienk aka Binkbeats (percussion & vibraphone), David Beukers (saxophone), Prace (scratches) and Maarten Rischen (keys).
Others: The beautiful artwork for this project was made by Rebecca Solcer, the record was mixed by Shai Solan and the mastering was done by Statinski Mastering.

I would like to dedicate this album to Ingrid Sanghee Edwards. Thanks for all the inspiration and support!

You can listen Future, Past, Present, Infinity here.