After making beats for years as PRY (with Illicit, Pax & Pry, The Strangest Freaks and many others) it is now time for new musical adventures.
To close down this period my homie Prace made a nice mixtape with the best of 10 years PRY. The mixtape is downloadable for free via Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


It took some time to finish, but today I’m very proud to present the PRY album Future, Past, Present, Infinity. I would like to thank everybody who made this album possible:

MC’s: Atactic, Reazun, Incksalonius, Cymarshall Law, Skit Slam, Jay Colin, Moxy Lebowski, Buggs Tha Rocka, Donte, CP, Asylum 7, Dicap & PAX.
Guest Musicians: Frank Wienk aka Binkbeats (percussion & vibraphone), David Beukers (saxophone), Prace (scratches) and Maarten Rischen (keys).
Others: The beautiful artwork for this project was made by Rebecca Solcer, the record was mixed by Shai Solan and the mastering was done by Statinski Mastering.

I would like to dedicate this album to Ingrid Sanghee Edwards. Thanks for all the inspiration and support!

You can listen Future, Past, Present, Infinity here.