ILLICIT – PHASE 3 (2007)

Our label Pottpeople wanted to release Phase 3 and 16 Bars from our debut album Cheap Propaganda on vinyl. For the B side we deceided to record some insrumentals at the Pottpeople studio in Oberhausen, Germany. This became the Phase 3 EP, which was released on vinyl by Pottpeople that year.

Phase 3 front


By 2005 Illicit was brought down to 5 members: PAX (vocals), me (guitars), Pieter De graaf (keys), Freek Cerutti (bass) and Bram Hakkens (drums).

Together we decided to record our first (and only) full album together with producer Caspar Wijnberg. Next to some songs we had worked on before going into the studio, we also have some spontaneous jams on the album, such as 16 Bars, Natotela, Be A Man and Stay Put.

Cheap Propaganda was released on CD in 2006 by the German label Pottpeople.