Today we released The Strangest Freaks debut album Thrills Galore. This album has been in the making for a while, and we are very happy that finally we can share this music with the rest of the world.

Thanks to everybody who made this album possible: Dudley Perkins, Buggs Tha Rocka, Moxy Lebowski, Bless X Shahmen, Jay Colin, Reazun, Joe Kickass, Bfake, Unknown Eye & Sheikh Tijan.

Special thanks to Robin Rump for mixing, Ivo Statinski for mastering and Marleen Wienk for the beautiful artwork! You can listen Thrills Galore here:


It took some time to finish, but today I’m very proud to present the PRY album Future, Past, Present, Infinity. I would like to thank everybody who made this album possible:

MC’s: Atactic, Reazun, Incksalonius, Cymarshall Law, Skit Slam, Jay Colin, Moxy Lebowski, Buggs Tha Rocka, Donte, CP, Asylum 7, Dicap & PAX.
Guest Musicians: Frank Wienk aka Binkbeats (percussion & vibraphone), David Beukers (saxophone), Prace (scratches) and Maarten Rischen (keys).
Others: The beautiful artwork for this project was made by Rebecca Solcer, the record was mixed by Shai Solan and the mastering was done by Statinski Mastering.

I would like to dedicate this album to Ingrid Sanghee Edwards. Thanks for all the inspiration and support!

You can listen Future, Past, Present, Infinity here.