Last January the Knalland collective celebrated it’s 4th birthday. To celebrate this, the documentary “Zoveel Gezichten” was released. Filmmakers Isaak Hoekstra, Boris van Lieshout and Rosa Lommen followed Knalland for quite a while, and managed to bring all their footage down to a 20 minute documentary about what Knalland was about the last 4 years, [read more..]


For the last couple of years I lived in the neighbourhood of Kanaleneiland, Utrecht (NL). To be specific: in the part which we call Eiland 8. This part of the neigbourhood was set up for artists who could live there for a couple of years, and interact and collaborate with each other. After five years [read more..]


About a month ago I got a visit from the online platform “U in de Wijk”, who made a small item about me. We had some talks about what I did in the past, and what will be the plans for the future. Please click on the “U in de Wijk” logo to see the [read more..]


For the second Knalland album Volhard (which was released around the events of 4/5 May) I was asked to deliver a track. I chose to work with Frank Wienk aka Binkbeats (together we work as The Strangest Freaks) and Typhoon. Typhoon and I wanted to make a track for years now, and this was the [read more..]


In 2012 I moved into a new house in the Kanaleneiland area of Utrecht. Living in the neighbourhood were lots of creative people, including a big population of musicians. At the initiative of Casper Broekaert, Tommy Ebben and Anne-Marie Gort we started the Knalland community, a collective of creative people with the goal to have [read more..]