The last 3 years I worked together with Daniele Labbate (keys/samples), Bas Bouma (drums) and Jos de Haas (percussion) on the Umeme (Afrorave) project, where we combine African music with electronic influences. We recorded our first album and since a year we’ve been playing live. After some searching we found the perfect label for us [read more..]


In 2013 I joined forces with Daniele Labbate (keys/bass), Bas Bouma (drums) and Jos De Haas (percussion) to form the band UMEME, drawing inspiration from African and electronic influences, we recorded our first album last year in my home studio, which will be released the coming year. In the video below you’ll find a little [read more..]


The tour for Afro What!? brought us all over The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, China, Hong Kong and South Korea. In 2011 we recorded our second album in a really nice studio in Germany, of which I unfortunately forgot the name… We did most of the recording ourselves along with the engineer from [read more..]


Mdungu was a band based on west African music combined with western influences. Saxophonist Thijs van Milligen started the band around 2002 and from the very first moment I was a part of it. After touring a lot for years around The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Italy we recorded our first full length album [read more..]