For the last couple of years I lived in the neighbourhood of Kanaleneiland, Utrecht (NL). To be specific: in the part which we call Eiland 8. This part of the neigbourhood was set up for artists who could live there for a couple of years, and interact and collaborate with each other. After five years of fun, the project is now coming to an end.

My neighboor and filmmaker Jefta Varwijk decided that he wanted to make an video rememberance to Eiland 8, and in that short movie combine his video skills with images of the people who live there, and music made by people from the area including myself.
I delivered two (yet) unreleased tracks for the short film. The first is the track 3=1, from my forthcoming PRY album: Future, Past, Present, Infinity. The second is from the upcoming Strangest FreaksĀ  album: Thrills Galore and is called Initiation.