It’s been a while since my last release. That’s because I spent most of my time in the last 1,5 years learning to operate new, mostly electronic instruments. At some point I really got into synthesizers and drum computers, and since this was a whole new world for me (musically). I spent a lot of time figuring out what possibilities lie with these instruments, and how to operate them. At the same point I also got more and more into the techno scene in Amsterdam and Berlin, so that definitely had an influence on me.

The result is my new project KLANGWAFFE, which is my musical experiment with electronic music and techno. I have a brand new electronic setup, and I perform everything live. For now I’m just making songs and jams, but it’s definitely a goal to go out there and perform live with KLANGWAFFE at some point this year.
Since last October I’ve been posting a new song every month on my YouTube, Bandcamp and Soundcloud account. And KLANGWAFFE even has an Instagram account, which is a totally new world for me. Check it out, I’ll be posting new music every month. Enjoy!