From 2013-2015 I was involved with the Umeme Afrorave project, where we combined African and electronic influences. Together with Daniele Labbate (keys), Bas Bouma (drums) Jos de Haas (percussion) and guest vocalists King Ayisoba, Minyeshu Kifle & Koko Lawson we recorded an album in 2013/2014. The final mix was done by Dubcreator.

Umeme Afrorave was released on vinyl in 2015 by the French label Mawimbi.


The last 3 years I worked together with Daniele Labbate (keys/samples), Bas Bouma (drums) and Jos de Haas (percussion) on the Umeme (Afrorave) project, where we combine African music with electronic influences. We recorded our first album and since a year we’ve been playing live. After some searching we found the perfect label for us in France: Mawimbi. They released our first track Agama in May on their first vinyl release.  Our record will be available on vinyl and digitally.

So here we go: this coming Friday – the 25th of September – we will release our first record in Amsterdam (NL). The party will take place in the OCCII and features a donation only entry charge. We’ll have 2 rooms with DJs – including Mawimbi – and different styles of music.

Hope to see you all there! For the moment, here is some recent live footage.