Mdungu was a band based on west African music combined with western influences. Saxophonist Thijs van Milligen started the band around 2002 and from the very first moment I was a part of it.

After touring a lot for years around The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Italy we recorded our first full length album at Studio 150 in Amsterdam, together with producer Joeri Saal. By that time the line-up (which changed a bit over the years) consisted of Thijs van Milligen (alto sax), David Beukers (tenor sax/vocals), Job Chajes (baritone sax), Frank Jonas (guitar), me (guitar), Merijn vd Wijdeven (bass), Ebou Gaye Mada (percussion/vocals), Ruben Montes (percussion) and Benoit Martiny (drums). We recorded on tape and everything was played live as a band at the same time.

Afro What!? was released on CD by the Dutch label Zimbraz in 2009.