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In 2008, we were asked by DJ Sjeng Stokkink to work on a remix project of his: Dutch Rare Groove. The idea was that there would be a compilation of 2 records: one with old original Dutch Funk Grooves, the other one with remixes (from the same tracks) by contemporary artists. We managed to produce a song for the Dutch Rare Groove Vol II album: Watchu Dreamin’ Of.

Both of the albums were released on CD by the Dutch label Supertracks in 2008.


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That same year our friend Arts The Beatdoctor asked us if he could do a remix of the song Sleep, which was on the A Day At The Office album. It turned out to be our best sold Pax & Pry tune.

Sleep ended up on the Progressiosn EP from Arts The Beatdoctor, which was released as a 45 RPM vinyl by the US label Beats Broke in 2008.