In 2008, we were asked by DJ Sjeng Stokkink to work on a remix project of his: Dutch Rare Groove. The idea was that there would be a compilation of 2 records: one with old original Dutch Funk Grooves, the other one with remixes (from the same tracks) by contemporary artists. We managed to produce a song for the Dutch Rare Groove Vol II album: Watchu Dreamin’ Of.

Both of the albums were released on CD by the Dutch label Supertracks in 2008.


That same year our friend Arts The Beatdoctor asked us if he could do a remix of the song Sleep, which was on the A Day At The Office album. It turned out to be our best sold Pax & Pry tune.

Sleep ended up on the Progressiosn EP from Arts The Beatdoctor, which was released as a 45 RPM vinyl by the US label Beats Broke in 2008.