ILLICIT EP’S (2002 & 2003)

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Illicit was formed back in 2002 as a live hip hop crew. We played shows all over the Netherlands, Belgium and were especially active in Germany. Before we made our first full album (Cheap Propaganda, 2006) we released 2 EP’s: Illicit in 2002 and Epiphany in 2003.

Here you’ll find a selection of songs from those tapes. They were recorded with the original line-up, which consists of: PAX (vocals), Miss Goody 2shoes (vocals), Steez (bass on 1st demo), Freek Cerutti (bass on 2nd demo), me (guitar/bass), Pieter De Graaf (keys), Bram Hakkens (drums), Guy Clairbois (trumpet) and Freek Halsema (trombone).

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