In 2008, we were asked by DJ Sjeng Stokkink to work on a remix project of his: Dutch Rare Groove. The idea was that there would be a compilation of 2 records: one with old original Dutch Funk Grooves, the other one with remixes (from the same tracks) by contemporary artists. We managed to produce [read more..]

ILLICIT – PHASE 3 (2007)

Our label Pottpeople wanted to release Phase 3 and 16 Bars from our debut album Cheap Propaganda on vinyl. For the B side we deceided to record some insrumentals at the Pottpeople studio in Oberhausen, Germany. This became the Phase 3 EP, which was released on vinyl by Pottpeople that year.


By 2005 Illicit was brought down to 5 members: PAX (vocals), me (guitars), Pieter De graaf (keys), Freek Cerutti (bass) and Bram Hakkens (drums). Together we decided to record our first (and only) full album together with producer Caspar Wijnberg. Next to some songs we had worked on before going into the studio, we also [read more..]

207 (2006)

Around 2005/2006, the Utrecht hiphop scene was alive, with the 207 crew (PAX, Reazun, Atactic, Perceptie and DJ Mseize) being part of its core members, we jammed a lot and held sessions in my studio. For Girly Pants I delivered the beat, Nighty Night was recorded together in a late night session. Girly Pants has [read more..]

ILLICIT EP’S (2002 & 2003)

Illicit was formed back in 2002 as a live hip hop crew. We played shows all over the Netherlands, Belgium and were especially active in Germany. Before we made our first full album (Cheap Propaganda, 2006) we released 2 EP’s: Illicit in 2002 and Epiphany in 2003. Here you’ll find a selection of songs from those [read more..]