This Cycle is a song which i recorded together with Amsterdam homie Omar Soulay. In this song we wanted to speak out against world leaders who in public speak out for peace, but in secret keep wars going on because there are too many interests involved. This needs to change.

The artwork for the single was made by Job de la Porte, the final mix was done by Shai Solan and the mastering was done by Statinski Mastering.

This Cycle was released by INI Movement in July 2017.


Since 10 years Binkbeats (Frank Wienk) and me have been making beats together as The Strangest Freaks. Up till now we only officially released Dit Nooit Meer, a song which we made together with Typhoon (vocals) for the Knalland project Volhard in 2014.

Over these 10 years we have been gradually working on our first full album Thrills Galore, which consists of vocal tracks as well as instrumentals.

Guest MC’s on Thrills Galore are Dudley Perkins, Buggs Tha Rocka, Bless X Shahmen, Jay Colin, Reazun, Joe Kickass, Bfake, Moxy Lebowski, Unknown Eye & Sheikh Tijan.

The artwork for this project was made by Marleen Wienk, the final mix was done by Robin Rump and the mastering was done by Statinski Mastering.

Thrills Galore was released in September 2016.


Since 2006 I’ve been making beats and producing as PRY. After 2 albums with Pax & Pry and some songs for other projects it was time for the first solo album as a producer: Future, Past, Present, Infinity.

This album was recorded over a longer period in lots of different studio’s. Some rappers recorded together with me in the studio (Atactic, Reazun, Incksalonius, Jay Colin and PAX), some recorded in their own studio’s in the USA (Everliven Sound, Buggs Tha Rocka, Donte, Moxy Lebowski, CP, Dicap and Asylum 7). There was never a solid idea to make a full album, but after a while everything fell together and it all seemed very natural to see it as a whole.

Other guest musicians on the album are Frank Wienk aka Binkbeats (percussion and vibraphone), David Beukers (saxophone), Prace (scratches) and Maarten Rischen (keys). The artwork for this project was made by Rebecca Solcer, the final mix by Shai Solan and the mastering was done by Statinski Mastering.

Future, Past, Present, Infinity was released in July 2016.

FRIARS – EP (2016)

Since 2015 I’ve been playing bass guitar with the indie rock band FRIARS, together with Jasper Demollin (vocals, guitar), Daan Scherpenzeel (guitar, vocals) and Brian Hokkeling (drums). We recorded this EP on analog tape together with Wouter Bude at his Moon Music studio, the mix was done by our drummer Bryan.

EP was released in May 2016.


The Independence Day mixtape was initiated by DisMissedFit (USA) with the purpose to connect beatcreators and MC’s via soundcloud and release an underground hiphop mixtape.
In contrast to normal studio sessions (where everybody is physically present during the process) most of the tracks for Independence Day were recorded separately by the artists.
I delivered 2 beats for the mixtape: Travel ft. DisMissedFit & Mezzo and Legion of Doom ft. DisMissedFit & Chris Ku$h.

Independence Day was released in 2015 as a free download.

Independence Day (2015)


The Yo! NL Raps mixtape was initiated in 2010 by Dutch blogger De Hiphop Adviseuse. The idea was to bring  different Dutch beatcreators and MC’s together to create a track from scratch in 1 day.  The 3=1 track I produced for this mixtape was recorded back in 2010 when she hooked me up with Master Surreal, Joe Kickass & Shock N Surprise for an inspiring session.

Yo! NL Raps was released in 2015 as a free download. 3=1 was also featured in the short film I Spy, I Spy by moviemaker Jefta Varwijk.

Yo! NL Raps (2015)


From 2013-2015 I was involved with the Umeme Afrorave project, where we combined African and electronic influences. Together with Daniele Labbate (keys), Bas Bouma (drums) Jos de Haas (percussion) and guest vocalists King Ayisoba, Minyeshu Kifle & Koko Lawson we recorded an album in 2013/2014. The final mix was done by Dubcreator.

Umeme Afrorave was released on vinyl in 2015 by the French label Mawimbi.


For the second Knalland album Volhard (which was released around the events of 4/5 May) I was asked to deliver a track. I chose to work with Frank Wienk aka Binkbeats (together we work as The Strangest Freaks) and Typhoon.

Typhoon and I wanted to make a track for years now, and this was the right opportunity at the right time. Within 3 sessions we did the whole Dit Nooit Meer track, which gave a kind of critical though funny look on the events around 4/5 May. The final mix was done by Shai Solan.

Volhard was released digitally in 2014.


In 2013 I hooked up again with Reazun to make some tracks for his upcoming solo album Ik, Ben Hartman. Surprisingly he wanted to rap in Dutch, instead of French, of which we’re all used to. I produced 2 songs for the album: Wagwaan and Rijk. The final mix was done by Delic.

Ik, Ben Hartman was released in 2014 on CD by the Dutch label Beter Dan Dat.



In 2013 singer/songwriter Annelotte de Graaf wanted to form a new group: Amber Arcades. For the EP she wanted to work with a different group than for the live sets. She ended up with me (bass), Otto de Jong (drums), Marlon Penninkhof (guitar/vocals) and Thierry Castel (keys) on the recordings. Together with producer Brian Esselbrugge we recorded the first Amber Arcades EP in different studios.

The song Benjamin (which was also recorded at these sessions) ended up on the Knalland album.